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Engagement Ring, Diamonds, and Wedding Rings in Idaho

Buying an engagement ring is an important step in any relationship and there is nothing more exciting than finding a ring you know your partner will love. There are a wide variety of settings and styles, both traditional and custom. One of the first important questions may be where to buy a diamond engagement ring, as you will want to work with not only the best ring shops, but specifically local jewelry repair shop as well.

Diamonds by Appointment carries a wide variety of rings including:

We pride ourselves on being not only one the best and most affordable diamond engagement ring stores, but also one of the closest jewelry repair shops in the Boise, Idaho area! We understand that life happens and that over time, your ring will get dirty and possibly break (even though we hope that will never happen!)! You don’t have to wonder where to get your jewelry fixed, you can count on us not only for your engagement and wedding rings but for your other jewelry as well

Diamonds by appointment

Once you decide to pop the question and start thinking “I really need to find the best engagement rings and I wonder what jewelry stores are near me”, think of us! Call Diamonds by Appointment at (208) 917-9925  or send us a message for jewelers in Meridian, Boise, Nampa, and Eagle, ID.
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