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Create Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring, Meridian, ID

With over a decade of experience in the jewelry industry, we at Diamonds by Appointment have discovered that even with an abundant variety of styles to choose from, our customers often cannot find that specific ring they’ve been dreaming of. We understand the significance of getting it just right as this jewelry represents a deep commitment and will see a lifetime of wear. We specialize in creating custom jewelry and take particular pride in offering couples the chance to create a custom engagement ring.

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How to Build a Custom Ring

 Many people come to us in search of a specific ring or with the desire to create a unique, personalized ring just for them. Diamonds by Appointment is the best place in the area for designing your own diamond or moissanite engagement ring and building your own wedding ring set. We have developed a meticulous step-by-step process to help you bring your vision to life:

1.Examine Sample Rings
At your first appointment, we’ll begin by showcasing a collection of over 150 sample rings. You can try them on to gain inspiration and get a sense of what type of stone and setting work with your vision.

2.Mix and Match
Using sample parts, you can experiment with different diamond shapes, sizes (ranging from half a carat to three carats), and various metal settings, including white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

3.Further Customization
Once you’ve determined your ideal setting and stone, we can customize every detail,  small and large, until you feel that your idea has come alive.

4.Digital Rendering
Within 48 hours of your appointment, you’ll get a computer rendering sent to you, in which you can see all your designs come together for the first time. Once this is approved we take it one step further.

5.Test Ring
Before crafting the final ring, we will 3D print a test ring for you to try on in-store. This step ensures that you can feel and see exactly how your ring will turn out. If you love the 3D-printed version, we'll proceed to create the real one for you.

6.Your Custom Made Ring

At the end of this process, your ring will be an exact representation of your choices. Our custom engagement ring service is one that we’re especially proud of because it turns dreams into reality. 

A Moissanite or Diamond Engagement Ring? The Best Choice for You

At our Meridian jewelry store, we not only offer the opportunity for custom wedding and engagement ring design but also customize the price of the ring based on your preferences. The gemstone you choose is the primary factor influencing the price, and we offer three distinct options:
  • The most economical option is a moissanite gemstone.
  • The median option is a lab-grown diamond.
  • The most luxurious option is a natural diamond.

All these gemstones are exquisite and can be paired with your preferred setting, such as a 2-karat square-cut lab-grown diamond on a rose gold band. With numerous possibilities for this piece of jewelry that you'll cherish for years, we look forward to helping you design a ring you’ll love.

Our custom ring design services also extend to men’s wedding bands.

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