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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings in Meridian, ID

Although engagement rings and fine jewelry options are becoming increasingly more popular, diamonds remain at the top of highly demanded gemstones by a wide margin. However, the popularity of the eco-friendly and affordable synthetic diamond engagement ring is on the rise. 
Lab grown diamonds
Lab grown diamonds are advantageous because they: 
  • Are a sustainable, ethical choice 
  • Are more affordable
  • Contain no impurities

Historically, the natural diamond was considered the paragon of perfection, its durability and beauty symbolic of the ever-lasting nature and luminescence of a long life of love. However, due to the high demand of mined diamonds, prices have increased rapidly, making it difficult for many young couples to find a beautiful ring representative of their love that also fits in their price range. Even so, the demand for diamonds has continued for centuries, driving the innovation of an alternative: man made diamonds. 
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Lab Created Diamonds: The Affordable Alternative

In nature, diamonds are formed when carbon is under high pressure deep underground. The element is compacted and forms an incredibly hard matrix that, when cut at certain angles, reflects light in a phenomenon called scintillation. Or, in layman's terms, it sparkles. 

Because diamonds are formed deep underground, accessing diamonds can be difficult and expensive. However, the composition of a diamond is very simple. In order to mimic the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed, scientists follow this process:
     1.  A carbon seed is used to provide the material needed to form a diamond.
     2.  Technologies such as chemical vapor deposition (CVP) and high temperature high
          pressure (HTHP) are utilized to pressurize the carbon.
     3.  The carbon is compressed until it bonds in the tight, compact matrix characteristic of diamonds.
     4.  The stones are cut by experts to maximize the shine and sparkle of each stone

These responsibly sourced diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in composition and structure; in fact, the primary difference is that lab made diamonds don’t contain the impurities or imperfections that are sometimes found in natural diamonds. Because many of these stones are produced here in the United States, lab-grown diamonds don’t come with a price tag reflecting mining and transportation and are thus an affordable option while still offering the classical beauty of a diamond. 
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The disadvantages of lab created diamond rings are few but undeniable. Some place a lot of value in naturally grown diamonds because they were formed by Mother Earth, and natural diamonds are more likely to hold their value over time. Because of the relative ease of producing a laboratory diamond, there is a greater supply and these stones depreciate in value much more quickly despite the identical composition. 

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are an excellent choice for an ecologically conscious bride who wants the stunning beauty of a diamond without the hefty price tag. Contact Diamonds By Appointment or give us a call at (208) 917-9925 for more information or to schedule an appointment in Meridian, Idaho. 

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